Make sure that your brand and communication matters.


It’s the difference between letting people know you have something to offer and getting people searching for your offering.


The conversation has moved from brand choice to creating a need and solution that leads customers to your brand.


With budgets shrinking and expectations increasing, delivering a business return is not optional.

Matter Advertising is a strategically-led brand and communication agency that creates demand for products, services and brands in Africa and International marketers.



An effective strategy defines the advantage and builds the road map to achieve it.


Leading design principles build visually distinctive brands and assets that are memorable.


Creating and solving customer needs in a relevant manner drives consideration and conversion.


Customer experiences that that connect brands to customers in a quick and easy way.

What clients say

“Passion and commitment ensured the success of our campaign. They are energetic, efficient, creative and professional.”

Marketing Director

“This team goes above and beyond, offering professional services while transferring skill to our team.”

Managing Director

“They quickly became the “brain trust” of our brand and are highly regarded by our board.”

PKF Octagon

“The team took the time to understand our complex environment and mandate. They are a trusted supplier that we continue to use.”

Chief Director
Department of Science and Technology

Tips to help Marketers today

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